A guide to immigrate to South Africa on your own

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Immigration South Africa Guide

The cover of the immigration booklet/guide.


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  • Finding out which permit you actually need
  • Finding out what you need to know about the immigration process
  • Know what to expect when applying for an immigration permit to South Africa.
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  • Get excellent tips on what you can really do in SA


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  1. Ann12-15-11

    Please advise the date when the Immigration Guide will be available via download.
    Thank you!

  2. Sangmene Chrysantus A.10-31-12

    I want to visit my brother who is currently working in South Africa and I want to know the requirements i will need to obtain before I can come.

  3. Kenneth11-19-12

    This was the best information I found and I did my permit on my own, and at a very good price. I saved thousands – thanks!

  4. Sylvia Borota11-19-12

    I’ve bought this guide and it answered my questions. I still want to use an immigration consultant – can you assist me?

  5. bharath03-07-13

    am coming to South Africa,on visit visa and am coming from India.is it possible to convert into quota work permit.please guide me.

  6. M.L. Stephenson06-26-13

    We got married in Israel and I need to sort out all the necessary documents for my wife, I reside in SA and am a SA citrizen, can you help please?

  7. Patience08-20-13

    hi l would like to know my husband is working in SA with a permit and if l want to be included in his permit as aspouse and children how do l go about it

  8. prayag09-25-13

    How many pages this booklet contains??

  9. mpolokeng01-09-14

    how do i buy if i dont have an credit card?

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