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South Africa is situated in the southern hemisphere, a long way away from Europe, the USA and Asia. Therefore, flights to South Africa can involve a stop-over, and tend to be long, sometimes more than 20 hours. However, with the right preparation and arrangements, your flight to South Africa will go smoothly. There are very few large international airlines who do NOT offer flights to South Africa. Flights usually land at Cape Town International Airport or Oliver Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport. (Domestic airlines offer flights between South African cities, and sometimes the international airlines also do this, as part of a longer journey.) Airlines operating to and from South Africa are listed below.

• Air France
• Delta
• American Airlines
• Lufthansa
• South African Airways
• Qatar Airlines
• Emirates
• Virgin Atlantic
• British Airways
• Cathay Pacific
• Qantas

Within South Africa, it is possible to take airplane or helicopter charters, in order to see the scenery or make a domestic journey. A few of the charter companies are listed below.

• Private Connection
• African Ramble Air Charter
• Jet air
• Cloud 9 Air Charters
• CIVAIR Helicopter Charter

As stated previously, most international cheap flights to and from South Africa start or end at Oliver Tambo (Johannesburg) International Airport. Some international flights go directly to Cape Town International Airport. Your flight is the first real step in your immigration process. Once you board the plane, there’s no turning back. So, do some research, and make use of a travel agent. You want to get going in the best manner possible.

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Flying to and within South Africa should be simple

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